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San Francisco Bay Area
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Master Editor Eric Pomert

Shouldn't your wedding video or wedding anniversary video enchant anyone who watches it?

Interior scene - Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco

Rachel Pickens grew up in Sonoma. She is about to share a family treasure in the grand ballroom of this elegant hotel. Growing up, her father filmed EVERTYHING: birthdays, school plays, weekend playtime, reading time, arguing time. Back then, she had no idea why her dad was filming so much nor what he would do with the boxes of film accumulating in the attic. Today, 150 people will find out what that filming was all about. Rachel is now 46, and when she realized her parents' 50th anniversary was coming up seven months ago, she could think of no better gift than a movie about them and and their well-documented family. She didn't want a home-made stringing together of the footage. It had to be something worthy of the grandeur of the event. Something that could take away the breath of the 150 attendees that magical day in San Francisco.

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