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San Francisco Bay Area
Film and Video
Editor Eric Pomert

is his insight and his ability to reach directly into the heart of the subject. When I first watched the piece he shot and edited of my children, I fell in love with them in a new way — it casts simple memories in a fresh and inspiring light.
J. Blau, New York
People laughed and cried. Dozens of guests took me aside to tell me how impressed they were with the video and how touched they were by it. Best of all, my daughter was amazed and overjoyed to see her life portrayed with such love. . .
I can't find the words to tell you how pleased we are with your work and how much this tribute means to our family.

H.P. Taubman, California

An Award Winning film & video editor creates
video memoirs & cinematic art from your home movies & photos.
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