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Exterior scene - The balcony of a stylish 3-bedroom condo in Emeryville, CA overlooking the Bay Bridge.

Lilly and Callum got married shortly after a glint in their eyes sealed the deal. They spent the past 14 years working long hours in the tech industry. At the end of last summer, they found themselves dreaming out loud over two large cups of homemade café au lait. "When are we going to take that medieval time travelers story and turn it into an educational game?" The spark went from one set of eyes to the other, and in that moment, an app was born. Given their quirky dispositions and uncanny love for medieval history and literature, they knew their sales pitch would have to feel personal and passionate.

They launched their Kickstarter video one September evening. Two days later they'd already surpassed their fundraising goal. They stayed true to themselves in the video, and discovered a huge world of kindred spirits. The app has already secured a college fund for their son.

And to think it all started with two cups of coffee and a glint.

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