Grandma Miracle

A gift from my French grandmother creates a timeless memory.
toy model T Ford
You might see this life story as a short film.

As a child, I was an avid collector of small model cars made by a British company called Corgi. The James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 was my favorite (still have it).

One summer in Antibes, France, my grandmother took me to the toy store to indulge my passion. I spotted a glistening black Model T Ford with figurines of Laurel and Hardy sitting in it. I HAD to have it, but when I looked at the price, it was double what the usual cost was. I just couldn't ask grandmère to shell out that kind of money. So we left, with my heavy little heart. Two days later, after lunch, grandmère, with that trademark glint in her eye, directed me to a paper bag on the dining room table. I leafed through the tissue, and there it was!

It was the first time I remember crying from gratitude.
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